New Collection


Cards are tough but so are the words you need to put in. 

creating a card that speaks for itself was my mission. 


Last year when i was diagnosed with testicular cancer i was overwhelmed with the support i recieved. no bod said get well sone. everyone identified my power and said "you've got this!" that embowered me. 


As men it's not something we find easy to say to one another or even to recieve a compliment. i want these cards to connect us and be the vessel we use to show our brothers and sisters that we know they have power and we see it. 


sending encouragement and strength gives us as much as we send out. you dont take away your greatness by telling someone about theirs in fact its the complete opposite you double it. you opperate on a higher frequency a higher power. the power to empower others to believe they have all they need to break through the glass ceiling they set above their head. 


you have that power in these cards. they helped me so now im giving that to you. pick one or two, WAIT get all three and share them with your brothers. 


it could be the exact thing your friend needs to hear at that exact moment to "Just keep going" to know that you "see them" or to know you believe that they have "got this" 


thank  you.