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"I believe every man should live a life that inspires them and that they are fulfilled by"


Using 1:1 coaching, I want to inspire men to realise they hold all the tools they need to achieve their goals. I also want to create space for men to live a life that they feel fulfilled by and can begin to become comfortable in their own skin. We all deserve to release that potential and it can be done by stepping out of the comfort zone and rewrite the script we live life by. With coaching the man you will unlimited the beliefs you have about yourself and create the life you want to live and be proud of.

About ME (David)

My journey to coaching started with my own life. 


I was working a job that payed me well but really deep down I hated it


I was financially insecure 


living a lifestyle that I wasn’t proud of, 


I was my version of surviving and I wanted to be thriving. 


I had chronic anxiety and a huge heavy black fog that sat on my chest every day.


I didn’t even have anything I liked doing by myself for fun. 


Not even sure I recognised myself in my current life. 


What I did have was a real awareness of my age and this feeling of where I “should be” in my life.


know that you are not the only one and also know, there is a way out. 


I don’t have these feeling or beliefs anymore. This was over 4 years ago. What changed?

I took control of my life and coaching helped. 


I am now working as a full-time Presenter and Life coach, running my own business that helps men like you unlock their potential. 


I have multiple hobbies which I love, which include, running, walking, yoga, reading, theatre and  travelling. I like being outside.


I am no longer trapped by my bad habits like smoking, I no longer eat meat, or drink alcohol. 

I have moved away from toxic relationships and freed my mind of looping negative thoughts. 


I live my life. The one I want, and although its not all sweetness & Light all this has allowed me to better cope with the stuff life throws at you. 


Mindset matters. Last year I got testicular cancer, I know what you're thinking in 2020 of all years, it really was the gift that kept on giving. 

Through my diagnosis and my treatment into my recovery, I knew I had the tools I needed and all the support that I gathered from being coached, becoming a coach and coaching other men to help me over the worst moments. 

Coaching has the power to empower. 


I found the sessions to be insightful, engaging, motivational and impactful. Getting that time to focus on our own mental states and wellbeing was definitely worth the time and effort. You created an inclusive and welcoming environment. 

—  Andrew Taylor, Bank Manager

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